Uniform Policy

BMS is a Uniform School. The Uniform Policy will be Strictly Enforced.

All Grades: Khaki pants/skirts/shorts

6th Grade: Solid Orange Shirt
7th Grade: Solid Teal Shirt
8th Grade: Solid Purple Shirt

Long or short-sleeved collared, polo -style shirt or school provided BMS swag.
Young men MUST wear belts around their waist.
Shirts MUST be tucked into pants.

Sweaters may be solid navy blue or black colored.

  • Must be worn over uniformshirt
  • Waist Length, V-neck sweater pull-over style vest
  • Front Button Cardigan

Pants/Shorts/Skirts (must be worn securely around waist with a belt securely through hoops):

  • Pants must be Docker style Solid Tan Khakis w/front and back pockets (No Cargo Pants)
  • Cuffs of pants must touch tops of shoes
  • Shorts must have finished bottom
  • (no cut- offs) and no longer than 1” past knee
  • Skorts & Skirts are allowed. Must be fingertip length or more.

Belts (solid black or brown):

  • Leather, leather-like, or braided
  • Belt buckles should be gold or silver-toned.


  • Tennis shoes may be worn
  • Flip flops are not allowed
  • Flats to 2” pumps permitted
  • Socks or hosiery must be solid color and worn daily
  • Ankle, shin, or knee-high sock lengths are acceptable
  • Socks must be solid burgundy, white, or black


  • No hats, headgear, or visible jewelry are to be worn in the building.
  • Students are not allowed to wear make-up (lipstick, eye makeup, etc.…) at any time in the building.

The mandatory uniform policy's purpose is to have ALL students in their class, dressed for success, and ready to receive their education. Students MUST be in compliance with the uniform policy at all times while they are on school grounds (including areas outside of the physical school building).

All students who refuse to comply with this policy will be placed in In-School Suspension, and the student's parent will be contacted.

If the student is not able to comply with the uniform policy, the school may provide the student with proper uniform attire while supplies last.

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