Cell Phone Policy

BMS has a ZERO TOLERANCE cell phone policy. Students may not use or carry a cell phone inside the building, during lunch or during school hours. Students are welcomed to use the phones in the main office or in classrooms with teacher permission to contact parents as needed. Unauthorized cell phones either being carried or used by a student inside the school building- will be confiscated. Any cell phone visible during school hours will be confiscated.

If a student brings a cell phone or any electronic device to school it must be turned in at security entrance. Students will have a personally labeled container to place their device inside. Grade-level administrators will secure this container during the school day. Students will receive their electronic device prior to dismissal. Students will have access to school phones for parent contact purposes throughout the school day

Parents/guardians are encouraged to discuss their students’ vulnerability to theft and/or physical harm when they carry expensive electronics. School administrators and resource officers cannot take the time from other instructional duties to investigate missing cell phones and other electronic devices. The school will NOT be responsible for the loss, damage or theft of cell phones and other electronic devices, even those devices turned into the school for storage. Students’ will receive their cell phones at the end of each day after afternoon announcements. Any student who leaves class early to collect their electronic device or whose behavior while collecting said device does not align with the Brookland core values will have their device returned ONLY to their parent.

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